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Hydroponics Urban and Vertical Indoor Farming an Agritech in the Philippines

Growing produce that's out of this world but near to you.

Intense Nutrient Density. Super Fresh. Urban Craft Grown.

Fresh food made for you, near you.

At Hyperlocal Farms , we believe that food should be simple. We take the best of what nature has to offer and add technology to help us make the best local food possible for you. Hyperlocal Farms serves our local community listening to your needs and customizing our grows to always have you in mind.

Here's to making food what it should be: Healthy, Fresh and Accessible.

Meet our Produce For Sale

Meet our Greens

Farm inside a container van.

The Farm

We want to change the way you see Agriculture.

See what it takes to make the freshest produce right in the heart of metro manila.

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Our Clients

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
Paul Restaurant
Aivee Cafe
Food Restaurant by David Oldan
Gallery by Chele
Mecha Uma
Helm Restaurant

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