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The best local food, made just for you.

Why Hyperlocal Farms?

Farm to table on the same day

Consistent: We grow 365 days a year

No pesticides and non GMO seeds

Highest quality plant ensuring its nutrient rich

How do we farm?


Our farms use 99% less land and 95% less water than traditional farming. We make sure to to make best use of all the resources we put into it. Making it better for the environment and better for you.

Fully Climate Controlled

Every element in the farm is fully tailored to fit the plant needs.
Air, humidity, light and nutrients are all constantly tweaked to ensure the plants are given the most optimum environment to thrive!

Fillled with Care

Our plants are given the highest level of tender love and care to make sure they consistently come out healthy. Every plant is carefully checked at every stage of its development to ensure its at its healthiest and when ready hand harvested. Making sure that whats delivered is 100% usable.

Meet the team

Cristina Cu

Head of Business

Tristan Seisa

Head of Farming

Ron Allan Viray

Lead Farmhand

Our Clients

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